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Maker Workshop: Trug

Maker Workshop: Trug

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Not familiar with a trug? A trug is a carry-all. Use it as a toolbox, garden caddy, spice cabinet, crayon container, or bathroom organizer, you name it. This one day workshop focuses on basic table saw skills using plywood, as well as assembly techniques, drilling and plugging holes, sanding and finishing. It's a light dip into the sea of heavy woodworking equipment and we'll be your water-wings making sure you have a fun, rewarding time. The Finefolk Workshop is outfitted with a SawStop, the safest table saw on the market.

Level 2: This workshop is suitable for any level of woodworking experience, particularly those interested in using a table saw. Participants will be supervised and instructed on safe practices for all applicable tools and equipment. 

Instructor: Katrina
Assistant: Rebecca
Location: Finefolk Furniture 344 County Road 5, Picton, Ontario
Time: Full day workshop runs 10:00am-4:30pm with break at 12:30-1:00pm

We will use the email address provided at checkout to contact you in advance of the workshop. Please take a moment to read our FAQ page

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