(all the little stuff)

We also design and fabricate
wedding tokens, commercial gifts, trophies, awards and more

Looking for something in particular? Let us know and we will fabricate it custom.


Brew Bottles & Jugs
Cherry Wood Squealer: Cherry sourced from Homestead Mill in Milford, Ont., finished in a house-made finish with
beeswax from Honey Pie Hives in Cherry Valley.
Prince Empties: Basswood bottle measured from an unbelievably good bottle of Saison from Prince Eddy’s Brewery, Picton.
Aluminum Shorties: heavy hitter

Cork & Corian Trivets
pictured: Cameo Bat

Cork & Corian Trivets
pictured: Cameo Paddle

Cork & Corian Trivets
pictured: Marbley Bats and Paddles
$95 and $115 ea.

Snack Boards
starting at $50 ea.
pictured: Ash and Walnut
photographed in Georgian Bay

Block with Handle
starting at $200
pictured: Walnut