Furniture and Wood Goods

Who made my furniture?
Every component is made in house using hand tools, power tools and stationary woodworking equipment. Occasionally we might hire a friend to cnc dish a wooden seat; this is only when we want the seat to be absolutely perfect looking, such as when we are making a batch of chairs for a commercial setting.  Our handmade furniture has had our hands all over it and, since our hands aren't robotically controlled, there will be imperfections. 

Who designed my furniture?
Katrina designs the work which is influenced by her interest in vernacular furniture histories, folklore, place and material culture. 

Why does it take so long?
It takes SO long! Longer than we want it to sometimes. Making furniture is a slow, involved process. Plus there's mistakes to factor in, interruptions, shortages, life, surprises, it all adds up... Our lead times are wide because of this. 

Where is the furniture made?
Primarily in Picton, Ontario and occasionally on Fogo Island, NL. The Fogo Island shed shop is more for tinkering, prototyping, making flying birds and other small toys and crafts.

Where do you get your wood from?
Most often we get our wood from Chisholm Lumber, a local, family owned mill. We also use Peacock lumber in Oshawa, Goodfellows in Deer Lake, and Exotic Woods in Burlington. We have also bought lumber directly from local farmers. On the rare occasion, some customers have asked us to use wood harvested from their own property which we are happy to do, as long as it's seasoned.

Where do you deliver to?
We will personally deliver within a four hour radius of Picton, at a charge depending on the piece. Delivery within Prince Edward County is included at no charge. We also are regularly travelling between Picton and Fogo Island. If you are on route to Fogo Island then we can deliver to you. 

What about shipping?
Yes, we do it. There is a crating or boxing fee specific to the piece. Contact us and we will arrange quotes.

Do you do refunds?
If you have purchased something that has to be made to order, we will refund up to 80%, providing we have not already purchased materials for your order. For information on workshop refunds see below.

Do you do custom?
Sometimes! Best to contact us to discuss further. 

Maker Workshops

Currently our Maker Workshops are only taught in Picton.
The address is 344 County Road 5 and can be searched on Google Maps as 'Finefolk Furniture'. If you are visiting Fogo Island and would like to connect, send an email to katrina@finefolk.ca

Time to arrive:
Maximum 15 minutes before your workshop start time.

Tools to bring:
If you have hand tools that are applicable to the workshop then please do bring them. It's a great opportunity to get comfortable with your equipment, just make sure you've sharpened them already. You will get to use Finefolk equipment either way.
If you have safety glasses or hearing protection or respiratory protection that you prefer, please bring that as well. Otherwise you can use our offerings.

What else to bring:
Bring water, a hot drink in a thermos if you like, snacks, lunch (if a full day event). 
Wear layers. You might find it hot or you might find it cool, depending on how hard you are working ;)
Wear closed toed shoes: boots, steel-toes, leather shoes, etc. The thicker the better.

We have:
A fridge and freezer, microwave, sink, bathroom, heat.
Workshop participants eat at their benches or, in good weather, outside.

Refund policy:
24 hours. If there's a waitlist and someone is able to fill your spot in less than 24 hours notice we will refund you 80% of the workshop fee, this is to cover our administrative time (aka time borrowed from our workbenches).

If you are unable to purchase a workshop through our website it is because it is sold out. Please email us to be added to the waitlist and specify the workshop date and your contact information.

Workshops for children:
We are absolutely delighted to teach private workshops to children under the age of 18. To participate in organized group workshops, you have to be over 18. Let's discuss how we can get the kids woodworking, get in touch!

It's a free-for-all! Park anywhere close to the workshop.

Local accommodations:
There are many options in PEC but it is recommended to book as early as possible. The Royal Hotel is gorgeous and tasty and has some of our furniture, so we definitely think you should stay there. We also really love the Picton Harbour Inn, great people, great view of the harbour, great breakfast spot.

All workshop participants are required to sign a liability waiver. It can be sent via email in advance, if desired. Please email to request this.

Mind & Body:
Please come in good health, both physically and mentally, to protect yourself and others. Woodworking and drugs, alcohol or hangovers do not mix. 
Finefolk is a female owned and operated, queer positive, welcoming workshop. Bring your best self and we will do the same!